"I've moved multiple times for work and I've never had a move go so smoothly! I would recommend this company to anyone!"

Amy Brandt

"I had to move my son into his dorm room this weekend and they had everything packed and wrapped so well! The move was so quick I almost wish it was longer! So glad we chose this company!"

Carl Jefferies

"You hear so many horror stories about people moving and their valuables breaking or something getting lost, and fortunately I did not have that problem with this company! I would absolutely use them again!"

Jason Goyers

"I can't thank Upline enough for helping me move all my mom's stuff into assisted living. Moving is never easy, but I can definitely say they took a lot of the stress and worries I had and just made it disappear!"

Ally Paulson

"They packed up my 4-bedroom home, loaded the truck, got to our new place, unloaded and even helped us unpack and get our furniture placed. It was quick, it was efficient and an overall great experience – I couldn't be happier."

Michael MacDuff

"My husband got a new job in Nevada had to move my family all the way from New York which wasn't easy for us or the kids. Upline Moving helped take some of the stress of moving away. I was really worried about moving the glass table my parents gave us as a housewarming present, but Upline wrapped it carefully and transported it all that way with absolutely no damage whatsoever! SO pleased with how this move turned out!"

Mary liefer